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Hero Sponsor

Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council

Patron Sponsor

Vikings Group

Part of the Family

Tuggeranong Hyperdome, National Capital Toyota in Tuggeranong, MLC Advice, Icon Water and Cromwell Property Group, McDonalds Queanbeyan

Friend of the Show

Rotary Club of Tuggeranong


Opening Night Sponsor

McDonald’s: Conder, Erindale & Tuggeranong



Event AV Services

Communities at Work

Franco of Canberra

Esh Photography

XPG Security

Salvation Army of Tuggeranong

ROJO Customs

Charity Partner

Diabetes NSW & ACT


Crowd Funding Legends

Juliette Phillips (our first donor!), Emily Ridge, Adam Russoniello, Ingrid McCarthy, Prue Gill, Dr Keagan Werner-Gibbings, Nick Cater, Jim Adamik, Kim Beamish, Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Claire Brinkmann, Stephanie McAlister, Anthony Moore, Sharon Tree, Dr Judith Werner, Jacqui Sekuless, Elaine Noon, Melissa Beattie, Peter Sekuless, Libby Werner-Gibbings, Caitlin Corkhill, Anne-Marie Dickson, Minister Gordon Ramsay MLA, Beth Gibbings, Lisa Sullivan, Melissa Lam, Tim Britton, Elizabeth Lee MLA, Rhys Holden, Eric Gibbings, Ros Byrne, Toni Bishop, Jonathan Lee, Barbara Sekuless, Gerry Wheeler, Senator Lisa Sing, Cathy Day, Perin Davey, Jo Richards, Marlene Quincey, Kacey Lam and Neil McLeod.

Plus 14 anonymous donors


Super Shakespeare Supporters

Garry Richards

Gerry Wheeler


Putting plays on for free isn’t cheap.


If you were one of the wonderful donors to our crowd funding campaign on, give yourself a clap, because you contributed to our biggest funding source. To see Shakespeare by the Lakes on the stage, you helped raise over $7000 by December 8, 2017. That moral and financial support gave us an immensely valuable energetic jolt. We are humbled by that and hugely grateful. Please know that we are also committed to make the best use of your money.


Our corporate sponsors are the best. Fact.


We asked at least 40 organisations for financial support. Eight came back with  ‘Yes, we will help you because this is a good idea and we support our communities.’ Please thank them. And if you have the opportunity or ability to use their services, please do so. They deserve it.


Please also support our major partners: EAVS, who gave us outstanding technical and professional sound and lighting support at an extremely significant discount so you can hear and see the production; Communities@Work, who are a wonderful ACT community organisation and provided us with the perfect space to rehearse at no charge; Francos of Canberra, who provided all hairstyling and staff for free; and Esh Photography, who discounted our promotional photo packages.


Our Hero Sponsor is the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council who are supporting the closing-night performance in Queanbeyan.


The Vikings Group were our first sponsor and are now the Patron Sponsor of Shakespeare by the Lakes. They gave us the push to get started and the means to keep going. Go Vikings!


McDonald’s: Conder, Erindale & Tuggeranong came on board at the start to be our Opening Night Sponsors.


​Our Tuggeranong performances are brilliantly supported by our Friends of Shakespeare by the Lakes Family: Tuggeranong Hyperdome, National Capital Toyota in Tuggeranong, XPG Security and MLC Advice.


Our city performance is proudly supported by further generous Friends of Shakespeare by the Lakes Family: Icon Water and Cromwell Property Group.


McDonald’s: Queanbeyan were offered the opportunity to join the Shakespeare by the Lakes Family as a sponsor of our Queanbeyan show, and took it without hesitation.

All performances have  been supported by the Salvation Army of Tuggeranong and the Rotary Club of Tuggeranong.


So, if you are a business or individual looking for AV support, photography, hairstyling, a car, financial advice, a meal, a shopping centre, a community organisation to connect with or a sporting group to support, water supplies or construction needs – check out those who gave a hand to Shakespeare by the Lakes 2018.


Thanks from Lakespeare & Co.

Sponsors & Partners, & Public Donors

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