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The e-Program

In 2018, we faced a dilemma: there was no budget for a program.


A show without a program doesn't seem right. Programs connect the audience with the actors and production, helping the reader to understand the creative process and the specific themes the production team have sought to bring out. They provide insight into the performers, who have collectively put in 1000s of hours, unpaid (we'd like to change that in the future).


So the idea of an e-Program became a logical necessity. 


Over 300 hours of love has gone into making this, not counting the time to make the non-exclusive content.

In keeping with our ethos of making Shakespeare accessible, we have priced the 2018 e-Program for access rather than cost, and we trust that you find it value for money. If you have enjoyed the program we'd appreciate your support via our donate page here or through 


PROGRAM SPONSOR: In future years we may be able to further enhance the e-Program via a major sponsor. Want to have your company or business on the header or footer of our e-Program? We'd love to discuss a partnership for the future.

As part of our end of production survey let us know if you loved the e-Program and if there is any way it can be improved further. 

Thanks again,

Paul Leverenz

Production Manager

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