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Rob de Fries

Don Pedro

Rob’s theatre experience stretches over 30 years, mainly in Goulburn and Canberra.


He has performed in many shows in Canberra theatre companies. Recent appearances have been in Calendar Girls, Out of Order, Speaking In Tongues, Memory of Water and Don’t Dress For Dinner for Canberra Rep, Breaker Morant, Ides of March and The Normal Heart for Everyman, and Caravan at The Q. He has performed in local playwright Bruce Hoogendoorn’s The Reluctant Shopper and Warts & All, and the equally local Greg Gould’s The Inheritance.

He also performed in many short pieces, recently at Smiths Alternative and for Budding Theatre.


For three years, through Canberra Repertory, he ran a short play competition for monologues and duologues, called “The ‘Logues”.


He has directed at Canberra Rep and at The Q, and been a judge, actor and director for Short and Sweet and Crash Test Drama.


Rob will also be performing later in 2018 in Everyman Theatre’s 12 Angry Men.


Don Pedro possesses many of the qualities we would like to possess in ourselves, such as intelligence, sensitivity and he has power so he has the space to operate using these qualities. But he fails to realise that he can be tricked and tricked over quite a serious matter. He is quite culpable in not being more careful about such an important thing. That is a really big failing we see in him. But in rehearsals we say such nice things about him! And he is treated by the other characters as a ruler they like, not a despised despot but someone they respect and look up to. 



The way that I have started to think about this production is like a lion: you can see a lion in the zoo or you can see it out on safari when it's doing it's real thing. We are doing the safari version of Shakespeare - giving it full to the audience. This is far more closely to how it would have been done originally, as we understand, in the tradition of travelling players. That's concise - but that's how I see it!

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