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Production Team 2018



Taimus Werner-Gibbings


Taimus Werner-Gibbings, Dr Duncan Driver, Lexi Sekuless & Paul Leverenz

Artistic Directors:

Dr Duncan Driver & Lexi Sekuless


Directors: Dr Duncan Driver & Lexi Sekuless

Costume Designer: Emma Sekuless

Production & Stage Manager: Paul Leverenz 

Executive Producer: Taimus Werner-Gibbings

Music compositions: Sunny Amoreena & Don Robinson

Deputy Stage Manager(s):  Jess Osvald ,Tim Sekuless & Matt Black.

Volunteer Manager: Cathy Day

Ground Manager: Cathy Day

Deputy Ground Manager:

e-Program: Paul Leverenz

Properties: Paul Leverenz & Free Rain Theatre Company (*)

Costumes: Emma Sekuless, Jacqui Rees & Emily Ridge

Media Manager: Taimus Werner-Gibbings

Social Media: Jo Richards & Paul Leverenz

Customer Service: Emily Ridge & Paul Leverenz

Principal photography: Emily Hanna, Esh Photography

Videography (e-Programme features and interviews): Zhenshi van der Klooster

General photography & Videography (for social media): Paul Leverenz

Audio / Lighting Operator: Murray Wenham (Event AV Services)

Hair: Francos of Canberra

The Band: Sunny Amoreena - vocals/keys; Don Miller Robinson - guitar; Tony Mitchell - bass; Jamal Salem - drums.

Volunteer Force [To be finalised...]

Geoff Stonehouse, Bill Sanders, Matt Black, Sammie Louise, Cerridwyn Alicia Murphy, Pete Stiles, Peter Sekuless, Jacqui Rees, Joel Baker, Catherine Bridges, Ella Rose, Brett Gray, Jackie Rees, Branka Gagic, Ella Rose Chanel,  Ben Vagnarelli, Simon Pomery, Aimee Cable, Sarah Leary, and Lachie Evans.

(*) Several properties were kindly loaned to us by Free Rain Theatre Company.

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