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Madeline Woods


Madeline’s most recent theatre experience has been with The Canberra Academy of Dramatic Arts where she received a Cert IV in Stage and Screen Acting. She first realised her love of the stage when she was young, through dancing and skits, but only realised her true love of theatre when she was 14, playing in a local drama groups performance of The Pied Piper. Since then she has played the roles of:
The Fire Eater in Pinocchio
Sister James in a scene from Doubt; a parable
And the lead of Kelly in Poison.

When I was young and first read Shakespeare, from an old book that a friend of my dad had given me, I knew that I was meant to think that it was a work of art… But I didn’t understand any of it. So I would go onto our old computer, and look up the translated versions of the stories so that I could know what the stories were about.
At CADA, we studied some Shakespeare which I found incredibly helpful in terms of understanding and learning the style of the times and how it has impacted theatre today.
So to me Shakespeare is is something that I have always wanted to learn and continue to learn.

Since I have moved to Canberra, I’ve heard too many people tell me how there isn’t any culture in Canberra. How there is only the study/ANU culture, and nothing for people to do.
I’m excited that now there is an opportunity for Shakespeare to be presented and shared to such a large community that seems to want it.
Also, the pun of “Lakespeare” makes me happy.

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