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Jonathan Lee



In the last year, Jonathan has most recently appeared in Canberra Repertory Society’s production of Australia Day (Chester) as well as Handel in the Theatre’s Esther (on-stage chorus) and Free Rain’s Les Miserables (ensemble).



Shakespeare plays used to be likable enough to get me through the mandatory sections of high school English and not much more. It was only in seeing it done and finding out how different adaptations and interpretations (both good and bad) work in and around the text which made it fall into place. From footage of the RSC doing Julius Caesar at the Globe to Hamlet with actual inmates wielding shanks instead of swords was enough to raise Shakespeare from a recognisable cultural reference to a rich vein of storytelling, character and especially language.



Seeing Shakespeare in the Park performing Love’s Labour’s Lost was a highlight from a holiday in New York. Seeing the professionalism and pride the company took in staging the production coupled with a strong philosophical stance that the performance should be free (to anyone who was willing to begin queueing at 6am) made me long for something similar back home. Beyond the spectacle of a large public performance and the opportunity for all to see Shakespeare performed, this is motivation for the company to make something truly engaging as well as truly beautiful. To keep the farthest viewer in thrall who paid nothing to be there and could potentially leave whenever they want. All of this through the din of bird calls, food trucks and children.

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