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Helen McFarlane

Don John, Dogberry

Helen has become very used to playing male roles, having recently juggled 13 different male character roles in ‘The 39 Steps’ at Canberra Repertory Theatre in 2017.

In glamorous contrast, she has also had the delight of donning sequins and feathers alongside Lexi Sekuless in Lexi’s self-devised cabaret show Some like it Marilyn; a journey through the life and work of Marilyn Munroe.

Helen studied Musical Theatre at WAAPA  and spent ten years performing professionally as a cabaret artist at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth and co-writing and performing in corporate/touring cabaret shows in WA.

Her love of theatre was born (some years ago) in Canberra with many and varied roles most recently for Canberra Repertory in 2016 playing Jenny in Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera,  Arcadia in 2014, Speaking in Tongues in 2012 and as Mrs Bennet in Rep’s 2012 Pride and Prejudice.

She has performed in Everyman Theatre’s production of Sondheim’s Company,  Shakespeare’s Richard III as Queen Elizabeth and in The Ides of March and Home at the End both written by ex-Canberra playwright Duncan Ley.

As a busy, full-time working mother, Helen loves to vary her theatre work, choosing exciting, stimulating projects and people to work with.

It is such a joy and privilege to be a part of this wonderful Shakespeare play and to help bring it to life for our community.

 ON  DON JOHN or ‘the circling shark’

Younger brother to DON PEDRO. With a jealous and spiteful soul, he nurses the large ‘chip on his shoulder’ and thrills at his manipulation and hurt of those he envies. Will he feel remorse for the ‘much ado’ he causes? Probably not. Just sorry that he got caught. Another reason to hate everyone.


ON DOGBERRY ‘a fruit of poor eating’ … but delicious to perform!

A bumbling officer of the law ‘who KNOWS the law, go to!’ Ignorant of being the subject of ridicule, he bellows and blusters his way over, under and through the villains’ deceptive plot, leaving no stone unturned and leaving nothing behind but a firm belief that he is ‘an ass’!

Oh what joy and fun to play!



In Canberra, we love the theatre and we love outdoor festival events. We also love meeting with friends and family to enjoy food and drink. How wonderful to be a part of bringing outdoor picnic Shakespeare to our community. On the grass, under the sky, food and wine in hand, wind in our hair, sharing bold, courageous and delicious language and characters, exciting each other, engaging the audience and exclaiming to the heavens!

Just the way Shakespeare should be experienced.

I am sure it will be the beginning of a new Canberra theatre love affair!

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