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Chintarmanya Vivian



Chintarmanya ('Chin') is primarily a freelance voice actor, having performed in fan-based dubs, podcasts and worked with the Australian Institute of Entertainment for video game production. In 2016, she completed a Certificate 3 in Performance from the Canberra Academy of Dramatic Arts. Chin is eager to expand her stage and film experience and so far she has worked with CIT students on their short film assignments...and now: Much Ado!


Shakespeare, for me, is a magical experience. Whether it is in the literal sense as in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream/The Tempest’ or how Shakespeare wrote his text, Shakespeare has always created a sense of awe and wonder. The richness of the words, and how well the characters are fleshed out, allows me to feel like I can engage all 5 senses and exist within the worlds within the plays.



Shakespeare by the Lakes means that Canberra can experience more local entertainment and also allows local performers to expand on their own performances.  The people that I know have stated that Shakespeare will bring culture to Canberra (I have only lived here for 3 years so I do not know how true that is) and it will be an amazing night out.



Ursula is Hero’s attending servant girl and is quite loyal to her lady. What is interesting about her character is that she seems to be considered as a friend to Hero (Hero happily involving Ursula in baiting Beatrice suggests a closeness not typical of servitude). This is despite her lower status within the household and freely assists Hero in the conspiracy against Benedict and Beatrice of her own will, enjoying the chance to stir up gossip. It also appears that Ursula is an intelligent young woman as was able to identify Antonio at the masquerade through observations of his body language. She will be a fun character to get to know.



I was beyond exhilarated. I have always wanted to tackle Shakespeare as a performer (even asking the Bell Shakespeare team for tips when they came to Canberra to perform Othello). And to have a role within my most favourite Shakespeare play, the phrase “you beauty” can only suggest to how excited I was.

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