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Anneka van der Velde



Starting off at the age of 7 performing pantomimes, Anneka has continued to be involved in theatre through school, local community companies and drama teaching. She has found a passion for theatre as a creative outlet of which she had currently pursued for two and a half years at CADA (Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art) which she helped gain her skills, knowledge and experience of acting and theatre. Her recent roles include Helena in A Midsummer Nights Dream and Schmitz in The Fire Raisers and, in 2016, she appeared as Antigone in Antigone. She has played numerous leading roles and her personal passions include Theatre of the Absurd, Clowning/Circus, Physical Comedy and Shakespeare.



Shakespeare is one of my great passions as I love the language, the wittiness and the comedic truth within it. Unfortunately, this passion only blossomed after high school because in college we actually had an opportunity to get up and perform it as opposed to sitting down in an English classroom and reading through it, which I think is a lot of people's experience of it. Shakespeare was written to be performed! I think my top three comedies would have to be Much Ado, Midsummer and As You Like It!  


Shakespeare by the Lakes is such an exciting idea! I have always wanted to be involved in an outdoor Shakespeare show and Canberra now has that! I think not only will it be super fun and exciting for us performers, but super exciting for audience members! They get to come and have a lovely summer evening outside and relax and see some of Canberra's amazing art culture!  



My character is fantastic! There is nothing better than a character who is super incompetent and thinks they know more than they actually do. It gives so much room to play and have fun! I also think there is nothing better than being part of a comedic duo! Bouncing off another actor is the best!   



I felt thrilled when I got Verges! And of course my dream role is described as an old man who is under Dogberry's thumb! As an actor who lives to make people laugh, a comedic role in any shape or form is automatically my favourite role and I'm so thrilled that I get to be the actor who plays one of them. The moment Lexi said 'big, over the top, comedic duo' - I was sold.

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